Trauma Counseling

Trauma & PTSD Counseling

Trauma Counseling is specific to recognizing how the traumatic experience impacts your mental and physical well-being. We focus on the connection between the trauma experience and your emotional and behavioral responses. The purpose of such counseling / therapy is to offer skills and strategies to better understand and deal with emotions and memories tied to those traumatic experiences, ultimately aiming at being able to create a healthier meaning of the experience that took place in your life.

By engaging in trauma-focused counseling, you can learn more about what you are experiencing and develop healthier ways of coping with the past trauma. During such counseling, we explore several trauma-focused interventions that may be applicable to your unique circumstances. These interventions were developed to meet the different needs of individuals and are always different based on your age, trauma experience, cultural settings and your life story.

If you've been struggling with anxiety, depression, grief or trauma, Care Counseling Center can help. It's easy to feel isolated and discouraged when facing these issues, however, remember - there is always a better way.